Hösthelger i Blekinge

Autumn weekends

- to long for

Article by Niklas Kämpargård

After a beautiful summer, filled with beautiful evenings, sun and hot baths, it is lovely to look forward to the coming autumn. Make sure to fill up with candles and combine beautiful forest walks with afternoon tea and the sound of crackling open fires.

Hösthelger att längta till i Blekinge

Fantastic autumn walk around Ljungaviken in Sölvesborg.


Stay overnight

Those who do not have the hassle of having a stove or fireplace at home can enjoy the exact same warmth in nature - completely free. Pack your backpack with comfortable clothes, good food, a warm sleeping bag, and a good tent. Get off and experience the sound of the autumn, light and dark, all by yourself. If not alone then at least with friends. If you do not want to sleep in a tent, then there are plenty of accommodation where you can relax in a comfortable bed rather than in a sleeping bag. For example, the Gullkråkan on Joggesö www.gullkrakan.se Pensionat Järnavik www.pensionatjarnavik.se and Slagesnäs B & B www.slagesnaes.se

Vandra i Blekinge

Cosy walks in the autumn forest.


Over an open fire

Few things are as relaxing as outdoor life in the fall. A relaxing moment of enjoyment in nature's warm colours. Do not forget to make an open fire as fast as you are in the woods, both for the heat and for the light, and to cook over the open fire. Nothing tastes as good as the food you cook in the woods. Feel free to have good sweets afterwards.

Hösthelger att längta till i Blekinge

Cook over the open fire. For example, hanging smoked bacon.


Autumn tranquility

Unlike mid-summer, it is quiet in the archipelago during the winter half-year. The motorboats are silent and the water scooters have since long been taken out of the water. The only thing that is heard is the water that strikes the rocks and the breeze of the wind. A warming fire and coffee made on the open fire.

Höstlandskap i Blekinge

Sea close grazing landscape on the mainland.

Höst i Blekinge

Nature's beauty is excellent year round.


7 tips

- on beautiful things to do this fall

1. Autumn weekend at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Check in at the lovely Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve just outside Åryd between Karlshamn and Ronneby, where you can enjoy a beautiful sauna bath, outdoor jacuzzi, close proximity to the animals and warming open fire in the Säteriet. Do not forget to bring binoculars and preferably have a good book to read. www.eriksberg.nu

Hösthelg på Eriksberg

Cozy autumn weekend at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve.

Hösthelg på Eriksberg

Björn Palm and Malin Nilsson share the head chef's work on Eriksberg.


2. Pick your own mushrooms

Despite the drought of the year, the mushrooms begin to rise out of its hiding places in the woods. After rain and heat, the mushrooms start to grow. The one who can wait will not be without the reward of "the gold of the forest". Already now you can find both Cantarella and different kinds of mushrooms, although the presentation is modest yet. Do not forget to pack a basket of food to enjoy the beauty of the forest on the first parquet in the mushroom forest. You will find cantarelles in the most varied environments, ranging from spruce forests to pine forests and mixed forests, while the Karl Johan mushroom (Stensopp) grows in particular leafy and coniferous forests.

Plocka svamp i Blekinge

Mushroom excursions in the fall


3. Sunday dinner in nature

Autumn's favourite. Sunday afternoon in the open. Pack ingredients into a simple saucepan (the potatoes are excellent to enjoy this way), a cast iron pan with a lid and plenty of bedsides - or camping chairs - so the whole company is comfortable when you're out in the woods. Choose a sheltered place where it does not blow and cook fabulous Sunday dinner with your family or friends. Finish by warming sweets over the fire and glaring classic honey rhinos or regular cinnamon buns to enjoy delicious bakery successes.

Hösthelger i Blekinge med outdoor-cooking

An open fire gives peace in both body and soul

Hösthelger att längta till i Blekinge

Enjoy a classic honeycomb extra by warming them over the fire.

Where? There are a number of nice municipal rest areas around Blekinge with both wind protection and fireplaces. Usually, you will find such focal points along Blekingeleden, at the seaside resorts or around sports and leisure facilities. Do not forget to bring your own firewood and quench the fire thoroughly before leaving.


4. Silhouette evening at sunset

Get out to the coast a couple of hours before the sun sets straight into the sea - it's not true in Blekinge, but by getting into the sea belt, the sunset is easier to see - and enjoy the colours of heaven as the day turns into Evening. If the children do not appreciate sitting still on an islet and watching the sun slowly fall down to the horizon, silhouette plays a good time. Use a regular camera (the phone is good, but do not forget to focus on the sky for the right light measurement) and let the children make beautiful silhouettes against the glowing sky. The pictures will, of course, be better if you are using a system camera.

Hösthelger i Blekinge

Silhouette art by the sea.

Where? Take the boat out into the archipelago. If you do not have your own boat, you can take the car out on Hasslö or Sturkö just outside Karlskrona. It's also not wrong to go to Hanö and stay overnight at the cosy Hanö Hostel. Tel. +46(0)739-25 53 37. Swedish Tourist Association https: //www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/


5. Hike in the woods with frost on the leafs

Pack your backpack full of goodies and take a short trip along Blekinge's hiking trails. Late in autumn, when the frost decorates all the trees of the forest, the paths are turned unused, and you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature on your own.

Hösthelger att längta till i Blekinge

Frost early in the morning.

Höstvandra i Blekinge

Hiking in Blekinge.

Do not forget to bring a mitten and a cap as shady areas can become chilly. Where: Fantastiska Långasjönäs Recreation area in Karlshamn, Ryssberget in Sölvesborg or Karlsnäsgården in Ronneby. It is also beautifully beautiful to stroll all the way out to Torhamns headland.


6. Autumn walks in Ljungaviken

Take the train (or car) to Sölvesborg and enjoy the public hiking tour around Ljungaviken. From the train station, the ride is only six kilometres long (it is excellent to go with a stroller and walker) through Europe's most extensive walking and cycling bridge. Combine with a dinner stop at the Salvatores Restaurant with Onhlssons or a coffee at the Ritz Konditori in the centre of Sölvesborg (Stortorget) before returning home. Keep in mind that the shops in Sölvesborg are not open Sunday. Restaurant Salvatores with Onhlssons is open on Sundays.

Höstpromenad i Blekinge

Fantastic autumn walk around Ljungaviken.


7. Afternoon with friends

Invite a bunch of friends and show up for afternoon tea at home in the living room. If you have your own fireplace, the fire is turned on mandatory. Mix medium-sized sweets with sweets and spice with good teas and delicious marmalades. Best of all, the experience will be if you first go for a good walk together and the little cold bites turn around the table and enjoy hot bread, tasty cakes and tasty tea. If you can not arrange everything on your own, you can purchase ready-made packages from some of the actors operating in Blekinge.

Among other things, the Guest House in Kristianopel and Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve arranges afternoon tea on specific occasions. www.kristianopelgastgiveri.se www.eriksberg.nu

Tip: In Trolle-Ljungby (just across the Skånska border) you can enjoy chocolate fries at Minas Chocolate Studio. Kind, sweet and really smearing on the autumn edge. www.chokladstudion.se


Minas Chokladstudio i Trolle Ljungby

Amina runs the Chocolate Stuido in Trolle Ljungby.

Minas Chokladstudio i Trolle Ljungby

(Certainly outside the county). Chocolate fries at Minas Chocolate Studio in Trolle-Ljungby is a great alternative to classic afternoon tea.