Autumn Glow

- in Blekinge, an experience on 4 farms in Blekinge

Autumn glow Blekinge is a collaboration between Johannishus Gods, Susanne Demåne, Björketorps Gård and Äggaboden. It is about 5 min between the farms along a stretch through our part of our beautiful landscape. Together we want to create something that in the future has great potential to grow. Common to the four farms is food, drink and culture.

Höstglöd i Blekinge


Come to Edestad Church on September 27 at 19.00. Lisa Syrén opening speeches and there will be jazz and songs with Anette Castell, Jonas Castell and Henrik Ström. Texts by Susanne Demåne toned by Jonas Castell. Free entrance!



Four farms


1. Äggaboden

From egg store in the playhouse to a farm shop, restaurant and B&B. In idyllic Gärestad village is the Gärestadgården, dating back to the 18th century, which has become the egg booth for many in Blekinge. It has always been a hospitable farm with many parties and meetings. Here everyone has been welcomed, tramp, neighbours, relatives. We want to build that tradition and fill the old buildings with new life and content. For us, it is essential to preserve the farm environment, develop and see opportunities. Local, genuine and small-scale.
Höstglöd i Blekinge
2. Susanne Demåne
In my garden, you meet the people of the forest and my black runners. In my rooms, you find space for the many expressions of art. The girls dance in the halls. Behind the trees, you will find the love of love, the Honeycomb's lament and the fox's bus.
3. Björketorps Gård
Björketorp is the ekomjölkgården in constant change. We not only manage, but we take all the turns that society demands. Social values ​​are essential, and the farm is an open resource. We inaugurate a new dairy, a wood-bakery, a kitchen, a glass & milk shop this fall. There in the old barn, we come to a party (max 220 persons). This year, the solar cells will be supplemented with a biogas plant that provides electricity and heat, and the cycle is almost complete.
4. Johannishus Gods
We know the wing's history at Johannishus Gods, with beautiful buildings, which are surrounded by magnificent nature. Our passion is to manage sustainable forms and offer locally produced food and drink. Local delicacies are produced from game hunters from their own hunting grounds. Johannishus Brewery is a newly started microbrewery which is located in one of the barns overlooking the fields where the grain is grown. Local, small-scale and artisan-made beer with feeling and history.
Höstglöd i Blekinge

Höstglöd i Blekinge

Höstglöd i Blekinge

Höstglöd i Blekinge

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The farms are only 5 minutes apart. Welcome!