Askunga Dovvilt - Farm shop & Café

Askunga farm shop have their own breeding of red deer, walking in pastures just outside the farm shop.


Welcome to one of Blekinge's largest farm shops, ASKUNGA DOVVILT, located about 20 kilometers north of Karlskrona. (20 min drive)
The farm has its own breeding of fallow deer, "Rödkulla" cows and "Linderöds" pigs.
The meat is sold in the well-stocked shop, which is embedded in Blekinge's beautiful countryside nature.
You will find sausages, hamburgers, paté from deer, reddish and wild boar. In addition to this, there are also eggs from free-range hens, goats from Orranäs farm dairy and meat from moose, pheasant, lamb, chicken and even reindeer meat from Norrland. Everything has been carefully chosen with good animal husbandry both before and after slaughter.
The shelves contain delicacies from all of Sweden, but mainly from Blekinge's talented producers. Even here the quality is very high.

When you visit Askunga, you can feast on the homemade wildmeat sandwhiches - with the delicacies from the farm, luxurious prawn sandwiches or a homemade cakes and coffee. In the weekends, Weekend Dinner - potato gratin is served with venison along with a fresh salad and bread.

The surroundings will invite you to a beautiful walk around the deer enclosure. The calm makes you "just want to be" for a while in Askunga.
More information about opening hours and activities can be found on the website, check the link down below.

Warmly welcomed to Askunga Dovvilt.
Peter and Jill with staff.

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