Blekinge Islands

There are 1000 islands to explore in Blekinge archipelago. Here are tips on some who are a must visit.


Experience Aspö

Go, cycle, or drive on land on Aspö, where there are about 500 people all year round. It does not make the island less exciting. On the contrary. Here you can play golf and tennis, ride on horses or visit a part of the world heritage site; Drottingskär castle from the 17th century, which also houses a restaurant. The island also has a shop and some artists and galleries. Rent a bike and let the winding roads take you to forests, gardens, cliffs, and beaches. In the night you can do special by staying high, book your overnight stay at Aspö Lotstorn. The Archipelago Hotel has five small rooms in the tower, one on each floor.

Livet på Aspö i Blekinge

Life on Aspö.


Aspö Ferry

The yellow Aspöfärjan leaves from trade port in Karlskrona. The ferry length is 6700 meters and the crossing time is 25 minutes. The trip above costs nothing. Do you want to know how it usually goes when it's time to board the ferry? Peek here - Aspöleden

Aspöfärjan i Blekinge

Timetables, facts and current information about Aspöleden can be found here - Aspöleden


Unique Utklippan

On the way out to the Uklippan, you may feel like you're on a seal safari. Just outside this southeasternmost islands, there is a large seal colony. Once in the guest harbor, you can climb on land to check in at the island's hostel. Stroll around, see the beautiful lighthouse or sit down in the pub. Food and beverage are serving here. Maybe a barbecue buffet with live entertainment. Book your accommodation here - Utklippan

Utklippan i Blekinge skärgård

The best way to book your boat ticket is to prebook and make a ticket purchase here - Nortic.


M/F Sjöbussen

Be sure to book both tours and return to ensure your location. The boat is called M / F Sjöbussen and accommodates 12 seated passengers. The ship departs from Blekingetrafikens jetty in trade port, right next to Aspöfärjan in Karlskrona. If there are seats available, you can buy a ticket when leaving for the Utklippan. Tickets, prices, and timetables can be found here - Blekingetrafiken.


Nostalgia on Karön

If you want to experience nostalgia, it is the trail for the spa period that you will explore. It reached its peak in the 19th century, and it was also when cold baths, restaurant, and sumptuous summer rests were built on Ronneby's archipelago island. The cold bath house no longer exists, but the villas and the restaurant from 1877 remain. Today you can enjoy everything from à la carte to music entertainment in the Schweizer Restaurant. You can also rent accommodation in a cabin, fish, swim and have a drink at Villa Vassen or take a day trip and stroll along the trails on the car-free island. In the guest harbor with 35 berths, you can use your boat.

Karön i Ronneby, Blekinge

Good food and live entertainment on Karön.


The transfer

The boat crosses to Karön from Karönäs. The trip over takes about five minutes and is free.

Knallebåten till Karön i Ronneby, Blekinge

Holiday feeling on Karön.


Good food at Tjärö

Tjärö is an idyll of small red houses, a "grålle" that ships luggage, grazing animals and rocky hills. The guest harbor serves breakfast, lunch and à la carte. Or why not have a freshly baked waffle or ice cream? Please stay overnight, book your room here - Accommodation at Tjärö. Explore the island, hike, paddle, sauna, swim or grill right on the waterfront.

Activities on Tjärö

If you like to fish for pike and roach, there are several excellent fishing spots to choose from. Cutting, rocks, dock, and harbor. But remember to bring your equipment. You can also practice swim-run along the marked pathway that goes along coves, cliffs, and around hills. Running and swimming in the beautiful natural environment. Who would you like to challenge? The map of the swim-run course is available free of charge at the reception on site.

Read more about the island here - Tjärö


Tjärö i Blekinge skärgård

Tjärös guest harbor with both restaurant and café.


Scenic Hanö

In the fishing situation, the houses are close, and the famous guest harbor is sailing boats from near and far. And it is here in the dock that you will find a restaurant, a trade fair and a museum that stays open in the summer. Hanö has a unique atmosphere - they know about 40,000 visiting Hanö every year. It is due to the lively atmosphere of the harbor, the beautiful baths, and the island is both car and mosquito free. It is also because the island was an English naval base during the Napoleonic War and that there is an English cemetery here. But the main reason is probably all the sights and the mysterious nature.

A mythical island

Follow paths to the exciting forest, to beaches and giant blocks. Examine deep walks and dark caves. Explore the island's deer or look for orchids. Check out the dragon mark after the big dragon flying between Tärnö and Hanö and cut the 2-mile long journey with two wing strokes. And fascinated by the "Bönsäcken" - millions of oval stones that continuously move in the water. When you do not want adventure, you can sunbathe on stone slopes or take a picnic at the beach, fish, barbecue and bird watching. There are cottages and apartments for rent and a hostel that is open all year round.

Park your car in Nogersund harbor, east of Sölvesborg. Embark on the ferry M / S Vitaskär. The journey takes 25 minutes.

Hanö - en skärgårdsö i Blekinge

Hanös Guest Harbor


Treasure hunt at Kastellet

Oh, if walls could speak, what terrible stories would we not hear then? For the castle, 1675 was built at Frisholmen to protect against attacks from the sea. Sturdy walls, cannons and many soldiers would stop the enemy from entering Karlshamn. Today, flowering syrup bushes and green lawns bring in the harsh environment and create scenery for summer nights. On the island, you can also follow guided tours, look for the hidden GPS treasure or look at art.

Take the boat between Karlshamn - Kastellet this summer.

Kastellet utanför Karlshamn i Blekinge

Some summers play the outdoor theater at Kastellet, a pleasure to experience and see.

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