AIDAdiva - Cruisevisit to Karlskrona September 14:th

  • Karlskrona
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We welcome the ship AID fromAdiva AIDA Crouises to Karlskrona.
AIDAmar is a 252 meter long ship with a maximum of 2500 passengers and a crew of 646 people. The ship will be anchored on the ship and the passengers will be driven in by tender boats to Kungsbron/Sparre.
Guests are Germanspeaking.
The boat comes in about 08.00 and leaves Karlskrona at 18.00.


During the season of 2022, 41 cruise ships will visit the city. All ships are received by Visit Karlskrona with an 18th-century inspired welcome in collaboration with the association "Carlscrona Rediviva" and "Flottans män" from Kulturkompaniet.

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