A roundtrip to Hanö


A roundtrip to Hanö


I have been to Hanö several times when I was a kid, but I forgot how absolutely beautiful it is. We did a day-trip, but we wished we could have stayed on the island for the whole weekend.

Båten på väg in mot hamnen


Interiörbild från båten


You take the charming ferry from Nogersund out to Hanö, it takes little under 30 minutes and you can buy the tickets on board. If the sun is shining you definitely want a spot outside and to feel the wind in your hair!

Check out the ferry timetable at blekingetrafiken.se

Utsikt från fönstret

Pappa bär dotter i famnen på båtens däck

Hanö på avstånd

Hanö hamn



You are greeted at Hanö harbour to the sight of fishing boats and charming small houses. There are no cars on the island so that really makes you feel relaxed. If you are staying for a few days and have a lot to carry, you can borrow one of the trolleys by the harbour, how great is that!?


Röd stuga

VagnBåtar i hamnen

Hanö is not very big, but that’s the beauty of this island, it’s perfect for a day trip with the kids, but also stay for a weekend and explore everything the island has to offer. We wanted our first stop to be Bönsäcken, so off we went.


The view is pretty spectaculare when you walk down to Bönsäcken, you can come back up for a little break when the kids are done collecting pebbles from the beach...

Oh, and don’t forget to tell the story about the female giant who used to live right there (and maybe still does?). The story is that she collected rocks in her apron to build a stone bridge and get across to the mainland (Listerlandet). But she stumbled, all the rocks fell out and beacame what is now Bönsäcken.

Plocka stenar


Promenad vid vattnet





We brought some snacks that we enjoyed at what felt like the top of the world.

Kyrkogård för engelska sjömän

We passed the cemetery for English seamen on our way to the lighthouse.

Rida på axlarna

Skulptur i naturen

Hanö fyr
Flicka vid staket

We also got to experience some art around the island, several artists are exhibiting sculptures in nature. An exhibition which runs from May 22 to August 22.

Hanö skola


Hanö’s old school is now turned into a charming B&B, and we will definitely book a room for our next visit! It recently got a little make-over by the new owners.



Before we left Hanö we decided to try the new restaurant, Fisky Business. It’s located right on the harbour and both the view and the food is hard to beat. They serve mostly fish, but also do a great vegan burger (which we tried + the fish & chips) and have lot’s of other yummy options for both kids and adults, a must visit!

If you want to book a table at Fisky Business: fiskybusiness.se

Flicka äter hamburgare

Mat på terassen med utsikt över havet

We will definitely be back at Hanö again soon, until then, we will dream of endless summer nights strolling by the harbour and watching the sun slowly setting over the horizon.