Trick or Treat in Karlskrona City

  • Karlskrona
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All healthy little ghosts & ghouls are welcome to Karlskrona City for Trick or Treat!


For your and others' safety, we hereby urge you not to knock on the door of those you do not know in these times. Come to the city instead, we are healthy and long to have fun with you again!
Think of:
- Free to participate
- For children up to 12 years, dressed up and in adult company
- You and the people you have with you must be symptom-free.

Good to know:
- about 10 stores, the list of participants will be updated shortly.
- The candy is separated by, for example, paper
- Start at 10.
- From approx. 11-15, a ghost train will run through the city a few times. There will be "ghosts" in the train, so if you are really scared, we recommend going Trick or Treating early in the morning.
- The ghost train is not for the public this year

The event is updated as time goes on. But book Halloween in town, we will have AWESOME fun!

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