Theater - All that is worth it

An uplifting play about depression. With warmth, humor, and hits from 1987 to today, difficult subjects are tackled in a disarming, moving and fun way.


´All that is worth it´ has quickly become an international success. Now Riksteatern is doing a set touring all over the country. Experience a surprising monologue where the audience and the actor together create the show!
This is the story of a seven-year-old boy, who learns that his mother is in a hospital because she no longer wants to live. To save his mother, the boy makes a list of everything worth living for 1. Ice cream. 2. Water fight. 3. Striped things. 4. Kung fu movies. 5. Roller Coaster ... 314 points!
The list continues to grow. And so does the boy. We follow him from 1987 to today, from child to adult, through school, love, work - through life. As the list is filled with positive things, he begins to realize the significance of the list in his own life. Maybe it is even that the person who is really saved by the list is himself?
What began as a way to deal with a difficult situation becomes a lifelong reminder that there is joy in the seemingly insignificant. That the ordinary can in fact be something extraordinary.

- It will be 33% gripping story, 33% audience contact, and live-experience,
33% great music from 1987 to today and 1% total surprise, says Isak Hjelmskog, director.

All That Worth is written by one of Britain's hottest playwrights right now, Duncan Macmillan, in collaboration with stand-up comedian Jonny Donahoe. The role of the boy is made in the Riksteatern's set by actor Peter Jansson.

Entrance: Adult 200 SEK, with Scenpass 150 SEK, youth up to 25 years 100 SEK, with Scenpass 50 SEK.
Tickets can be purchased online at Nortic as well as at the tourist office.

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