Teental with Suranjana Ghosh & Jonas Knutsson

Music with an Indian touch in Lokstallarna.


An exclusive meeting between Indian and Western music tradition in the borderland between modern and traditional music. Teental opens the door to the Indian music and rhythm world and offers an in-depth experience of rhythms, melodies and sounds.

Teental consists of five outstanding musicians:
Suranjana Ghosh, one of the few professional tabla players, is an Indian musician who adds rhythms and sounds from West Bengal to the group's interesting mix of influences. Jonas Knutsson is one of Sweden's most hired saxophonists who in a curious way combines the language of jazz with folk music. Max Åhman, jazz and rock guitarist with a wide range, has toured for many years in the USA, Canada, India and China. Jonas Landahl is a percussionist with a background in jazz music and has continuously collaborated with Indian musicians. Emil Ingmar, keyboard, is a cross-genre musician, arranger and composer.

Sunday October 10 at 17:00 at Lokstallarna.
Admission: 200 SEK
Tickets are sold via Nortic.se, see booking link.

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