Tantra for women - the goddesses of our modern times

Discover the tantric art of being a happy, fulfilled and radiant woman!
Tantra for women is more than just a course ... It is an inner adventure in discovering and awakening your femininity, with the guidance and support of experienced tantra teachers.


Find a deeper meaning and satisfaction in your life!
In such a hectic world, it can be difficult to engage in a spiritual journey. Tantra offers us the knowledge to implement spiritual principles in our daily lives, so that we can grow spiritually without sacrificing all other important things in life: family, friends or career.

By applying the principles and techniques presented in this course, we can spiritualize, uplift, and find a deeper meaning in all the small or grand actions we do during the day.
This allows you to meet yourself on a deeper level and discover how it feels to live your full potential as a woman.

All you will learn is practical knowledge that you can use to live life to the fullest and use your feminine gifts to the fullest!

Price: 2200 SEK/spring or 200 SEK/pass.

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