Stefan Sundström - Day of Judgement

  • på Karlskrona Konsthall
  • +46 709-75 10 55
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During autumn, Stefan Sundström will give a solo tour with new music in his luggage.


Both the album and the tour have been named "Day of Judgement". Stefan has a well-founded place in the Swedish ballad-tradition with over 30 years since he released his first music.
On cassette tape. With everyday realistic, subtle texts, Sundström has commented on both society and the little man. Always with the heart in the right place.

November 20, the tour comes to the Salon at Rydows Bazar (former Karlskrona Konsthall). A memorable, intimate and strong concert experience you absolutely must not miss.

Price: 360 SEK + service fee. The tickets can be purchased online at Nortic and at Karlskrona Tourist Office.
The concert starts at 19:30

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