Scandivavian bird safari at Eriksberg

Migratory edition in the footsteps of Bengt Berg.


Located in one of Northern Europe’s largest areas for protected wild life, once home to the internationally renowned zoologist, nature photographer and ornithologist Bengt Berg, awaits a front row event for those eager to explore the Scandinavian nature and wildlife.

During a limited period of time when the migratory birds annually head south, and pass the coastal landscapes of Blekinge Archipelago UNESCO biosphere area, the lucky birder has the chance to observe a remarkably high concentration of birds in the secluded area of Eriksberg Nature Reserve. The guests will throughout the stay also visit the nearby located nature reserve and bird station Torhamns udde, go on a wildlife safari in the enclosed area of Eriksberg Nature Reserve and may explore the archipelago either by foot or kayak.

Eriksberg Nature Reserve consists of 925 enclosed hectares where wild animals freely roam in harmony with the visitors, where the hotel and restaurant is the heart of the nature reserve. Scandinavian Bird Safari is a small group tour with experienced, local guides along with high class hotel accommodation and locally produced food, a unique nature experience.

Friday-Monday, 4 days (3 nights):
20-23 September
4-7 October

Great Britain, The Netherlands and German speaking nations.
Maximum 8 participants, minimum 4 participants.
No prior knowledge needed.
English and Swedish.
From 9 950 SEK including VAT per person in double room in villa “Dammvillan”.

For more information/booking contact Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve.

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