Performance - Lust

LUST is - scary, beautiful and just wonderful. You bring out the heart, humor, and seriousness of desire.
Expect a boost!


For hundreds of years, the woman's desire and sexuality belonged to someone other than herself. How did it happen? When did it become someone else's? And not least, whos is it now?
Through conversations and interviews with women of different ages and with different backgrounds, we explore what female desire is today, why it has been on the wane and why it has been so scary throughout history that it has been curtailed, controlled and pathologized.
After the performance, an after-call is offered with a conversation manager.

Entrance: Adult 200 SEK, with Scenpass 150 SEK, youth up to 25 years 100 SEK, with Scenpass 50 SEK.
Tickets can be purchased online at Nortic as well as at the tourist office.

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