OK Orion - Photo orienteering

OK Orion's Bicycle Trim and Walking Trim is a wellness activity where you have to cycle or walk along beautiful roads you hardly knew existed at your own pace.


With the help of the map, you should orientate yourself in any order to the points marked on the map. At each point, OK Orion has photographed an object. Your task is to match the right point on the map with the right photograph. You do it entirely at your own pace and you have all summer and well into the fall on you.

This year, OK Orion will invest in more Bicycle and Walking trim than ever. They have two Walking trim already done. One in beautiful Uttorp on Sturkö and one around Kristianopel. The principle is the same as on their Bicycle Trim. You should find 30 points and pair them with the right photograph. If you take everyone at the same time it will be up to 15 km. So make several walks so you can enjoy even more of nature. In addition to most points you can cycle if you prefer.

The trim costs 90 SEK and can be purchased at OKQ8 in Jämjö, Sturköhallen, Senorens Livs, Sturkö Camping, Kristianopels Handelsbod and Café Sött & Salt.
Gradually in the spring, OK Orion will also release their Bicycle Trim. They plan to be in Kristianopel, south of Jämjö and north of Nättraby.

You can also order it and have it sent home. Then you pay 10 SEK extra. Send an email to [email protected] and tell them what you want to buy. Then they will tell you what options you have to pay with.

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