Julmarknader i Blekinge

Christmas markets

After long dark November, it is lovely to feel how the cold as well as welcome the winter. Visit some of Blekinge's best Christmas markets and feel the winter air spike up while darkness is squeezed away by snow, lanterns and Christmas tree lighting.

There is something special about strolling around a Christmas market. Unlike being trapped in a classic store, the Christmas markets are usually outdoors, in a chilly stable or on the courtyard hill where the dim light and beautiful craftsmanship in the dim light of the stalwart enhance the Christmas feeling. Avoid the heat and experience instead Blekinge's all flavours that, for Christmas, fit well as a gift and for the family's own Christmas table. No matter how you look at Christmas, it is still the taste experiences that are stuck as immovable memories.

Julmarknad anno 1840 i Sölvesborg


Fint hantverk på julmarknader i Blekinge



8 tips

- at Christmas markets in Blekinge

1. Christmas market in 1840 in Slottslängorna, Sölvesborg

During the first weekend in Advent, from November 29 to December 1, one of the county's best Christmas markets opens its doors in the cosy castle grounds in Sölvesborg. Here you can enjoy classic crafts, good fig bread, entertainment and pleasant atmosphere in the castle lines from 1840, next to Sölvesborg Castle and the castle ruin from the 1300s where Danes and Swedes fought for power for centuries.

Opening hours: Friday 15-19: 00, Saturday 11-17: 00 and Sunday 11-16: 00. Admission SEK 30 for adults and free for children under twelve (in an adult company). More information www.solvesborg.se

Julmarknad i Sölvesborg


Julmarknad anno 1840 i Sölvesborg


Julmarknad på Slottslängorna i Sölvesborg



2. Christmas at Ljungsled's nursery, Mörrum

As a taste of the upcoming Christmas, Frida Sjöholm and her colleagues at Ljungsleds Nursery School in Mörrum are inviting food and vegetables in the garden's arms. Here you can enjoy the wintry garden, eat well, have a snack or buy excellent food products from Blekinge while waiting for the site (yes the plan is that the site looks by) and listen to live music.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, November 23-24 between 11 and 5 pm. More information www.ljungsledsplantskola.se

Jul på Ljungsleds Plantskola i Mörrum


Julmarknad på Ljungsleds Plantskola i Mörrum



3. Christmas at Eriksberg

Nothing is as beautiful as a white Christmas at Eriksberg, where the courtyard is decorated with Christmas lights and lanterns and where you can enjoy the famous Christmas buffet in the restaurant Visenten before you buy the farm's own meat in the barn and experience fantastic flavours from Blekinge. This weekend is the free entrance to Eriksberg, and you can drive your own car up to the courtyard. Should it become full in the parking lot at the yard, you have to park at the entrance and walk up to the patio.

Opening hours: Second Advent, Saturday and Sunday, December 7-8 between 10 am and 4 pm. More information: www.eriksberg.se

Julmarknader i Blekineg



4. Christmas at Pensionat Järnavik

Experience the sea band's candles and magic just in time for Christmas and visit beautiful Pension Järnavik on Sunday the second advent between eleven and five. Here you can eat well, drink Glühwein and be served freshly baked Klenäter (just such a thing) and eat cheesecake á la Kerstin Magnér who runs Homemade and the café in Hjortahammar school every day. There is also the possibility of pony riding and to buy classic crafts from Blekinge. Don't miss a visit to the lovely light caravan, where Ninni Norberg Pfeiffer decorated the hunting car with light, heat and leather.

Opening hours: Sunday, December 8 between 11 and 5 o'clock. More information www.pensionatjarnavik.se

Jul på Pensionat Järnavik



5. Christmas at Hoby Kulle Herrgård, Bräkne-Hoby.

During four weekends in December, from the first to the fourth advent, it is possible to revisit the cosy icon in Bräkne-Hoby where Benjamin Forsman and Tove Hammerin lay the foundation for the primary Christmas market since the couple took over the mansion.

Expect mulled wine, pure coffee mixed with the second hand, antiques and crafts from the neighbourhood. The Scouts will be in place, and the pledge will be replenished in both the antique and farm shops. However, the orangery is not open.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 30/11/11/12, 7-8/12, 14-15/12 and 21-22/12 between 11-15:00. More information www.hobykulleherrgard.se

Julmarknader i Blekinge



6. Christmas at Riksdagsmannagården, Åryd.

Visit the beautiful Riksdagsmannagården in Törneryd just north of Åryd and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the old stable at the old Riksdagsmannagården. Across the road - at the new Riksdagsmannagården - you can buy freshly smoked meat, juices, jams and gift boxes both for yourself and gifts. Apart from game meat, you can also purchase meat from popular pigs, barbecue sausages and the farm's own salami. Also, you can chop your own spruce, buy spruce or pre-chopped spruce if you can't cut yourself.

Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday between 1 and 22 December. Thursday - Friday 13-16: 00 and Saturday and Sunday between 10-16: 00. More information: www.riksdagsmannagarden.se

Handlar julgran på Riksdagsmannagården i Åryd, Blekinge



7. Brunnsparkens Christmas Market in Ronneby Brunnspark

Take the opportunity and enjoy the beautiful architecture of Brunnsparken framed by the perfect Christmas atmosphere with tasty delicacies and locally produced crafts in the historic Brunnshallarna. Here you can buy refined deer meat, bread, fish and cider from Blekinge and feel how Christmas's first mulled wine moistens the throat as darkness unfolds in the afternoon. Don't miss a visit to the nearby Brunnsparksbutiken where Tina Holmslykke runs a cosy shop with a fantastic selection of organic products and health food. Of course, you make figs at the almond cake across the Ronnebyån river.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 30 / 11-1 / 12 between 11-18: 00. More information www.brunnsparksbutiken.se
Wellness park shop in Ronneby
Ronneby Wellness Park store is open at the same time as the Christmas market.

Brunnsparksbutiken i Ronneby



8. Karlskrona Christmas Market

In the middle of central Karlskrona, it is invited to the Christmas market during the Second Advent. During Saturday and Sunday, pedestrian streets and malls are decorated with spruce and Christmas lights and a little everywhere you hear Christmas songs and live music. New for this year is that Blekinge Museum is a co-organizer, which means that there will be space for about twenty indoor exhibitors at Blekinge Museum. Take the time to really enjoy Karlskrona and combine classic Christmas shopping with cosy coffee, crafts and lovely warmth from live fire. Do not miss the exhibitors at Bergqvistska farm where you can see the blacksmith in full work.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, December 7-8 between 10 - 4pm (Saturday) and 11am - 4pm (Sunday). More information: www.karlskronajulmarknad.se

Julstämning i Karlskrona


Christmas spirit

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