Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge


In Blekinge, the beds are made for a good night's sleep. Choose between campsites, cottages, hostelshotels, a manor or a  Bed and Breakfast. In Blekinge, there are accommodation options for all tastes and wallets. Here comes a selection of our most popular accommodation facilities. Welcome to Blekinge and sleep well! 



Eriksberg Hotell &


"Like a wild African lodge in the middle of Blekinge" - that is White Guide's own description of Eriksberg. A telling portrait of the subjective experience you meet at Eriksberg. Take the time to recover with the savannah as your nearest neighbour. Just outside the window are the wild animals and inside the warm rooms are reflected in many exotic animals.

Eriksberg Hotell och Safaripark i södra Sverige
Stay at Eriksberg overlooking the savannah.


Stay on an island

At the border between Ronneby and the Karlshamn archipelago, you will find Tjärö. An archipelago idyll filled with taste experiences, opportunities to live near the water and nature in pure noise village feeling. Here you can enjoy flavours from the sea, swim in a sauna raft, jump from high cliffs and swim in child-friendly archipelago bays. During high season, the jetty is filled with pompous boats reminiscent of a fully-covered dock in Nice. A given summer destination if you long for an archipelago life. Want more island tips? Go to - Islands & Archipelago

Bo på Tjärö, en riktig skärgårdsidyll i Blekinge.
Stay at Tjärö, a real archipelago idyll in Blekinge.


Overnight stay between

Heirloom Villas

- in the middle of the award-winning Brunnsparken

Between two-century-old villas, in the old hospital, you will find Ronneby Hostel and B&B. In the heart of Brunnsparken, you have the opportunity to spend the night at any time of the year. Close to a charming centre as well as the archipelago boat M / F Astrid. The boat goes directly via Ronnebyån and takes you all the way to Karön. More pleasant spa feeling is hard to find. Should it be fully booked when you want to travel to Blekinge, you can choose the resort Ronneby Brunn Hotell and Villa Flora Viola, which is also located in the lush Brunnsparken.

Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem och B&B
Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem och B&B.



- is life

Make a hit at one of our fantastic campsites around Blekinge. Camping in Blekinge means beautiful sea beaches, a cosy lake with proximity to both bathing and enchanting forest. It can also be a 4-star modern campsite on its own island in the heart of the Blekinge archipelago. Read more and find campground here - Campsites in Blekinge

Dragsö camping utanför Karlskrona i Blekinge
Dragsö Campsite, in the middle of Karlskrona archipelago.


How do you want to wake up?

Wherever you choose to stay overnight, we hope you will sleep well!

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