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The wilderness and the many lakes provide a natural relaxation. Here you can breathe in the forest air, find the tranquillity and just look out over a tranquil lake. Enjoy nature's SPA and combine it with meditation, treatments and baths in the hot tub. Both small and large experiences allow you to unwind, gather power and recharge new energy. Stay right next to the water and hiking trails. Why not pick mushrooms and berries?




- experiences, good food & lots of love

Being close to nature and involving all the senses are beautiful experiences and memories. Fill the picnic basket with local and home-grown flavours from the farm shops, get out in the wild and just enjoy the view. On the Valhall cliff, you get a mile wide look. Sit down and meditate on a rock, or book a full evening of baking sourdough pizza at Röshult's Wood oven Bakery. Try Outdoor cooking together with Brokamåla Gård and add wine tasting. Everything in the middle of the forest with the open fire that warms and puts you at ease and relaxation.




Harmonic stay

Stay overnight with nature as a neighbour. Enjoy the tranquillity of the wilderness and take advantage of the energy from the water. Treat yourself to a body treatment, book a yoga treat or have a relaxing bath. In Olofström lies Villa Andrum, which is a small personal retreat with affordable packages that include both accommodation and treatment. Bring your friends on a cosy weekend or surprise your extraordinary love. At Villa Andrum you stay beautifully right next to the beach of Halen. Book your treatment, practice yoga and swim in the hot tub right down at the jetty.

If you want to find a place for your writing, then you can stay in the beautifully renovated stone barn Villa Retretti, and then practice writing in the teacher's residence at Alltidhults Skola. If you just want to enjoy the forest's peaceful tranquility and have breakfast at a very private lake? Then it's Brokamåla Gård you should book.

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