Kristianopel, rosornas stad.


Kristianopel is a charming, picturesque harbour town with beautiful hiking trails, small colourful wooden houses and roses in abundance. In the harbour, there is a historic ring wall that you can stroll on, get a beautiful view of the village and since the southern headland of Öland from the sea. It is also one of Sweden's safest places with plenty of swimming spots if you want to cool off.

Färgstarka små trähus i Kristianopel
Coulourful small wooden houses in Kristianopel.



Historical walk

Join Kulturkompaniet on an exciting hike 400 years back in time and listen to the story of Kristianopel. A 17th-century town that was once the Danish king's pride and protection against Sweden. It was not until 1677 that Kristianopel became Swedish again. The city was demolished and large parts of the wall, up to 9 meters high, were used in the construction of Karlskrona. The traces of the past really make history tangible and vibrant in Kristianopel.

Book the guided tour Kristianopel around here - Kulturkompaniet



Stay overnight in

The city of a thousand roses

In Kristianopel you can stay at Pensionat Stensvik, the modern campsite atKristianopel Resort, cosy Kristianopel Gästgiveri B&B or book a cabin at Kristianopel Resorts stugort. There are beautiful pitches for your motorhome, and if you come by boat, the guest harbour offers all facilities. No matter how you choose to live, it will be a total relaxation with peace and quiet in a small beautiful town.



Fun for the kids

In Kristianopel, it is very much about the natural and cultural environment. Exciting and demanding! Take the kids on an excursion to the places reminiscent of the history that has taken place. Sit on the cannons in the harbour or at the quay where people's life is. Hike on the wall, take a dip from the pier and play miniature golf at the campground. Everywhere there are swimming spots, and in the nature reserve Högasand, you can go downhill together for the sandy hills, run freely and build sandcastles if you wish.




Högasand is an exceptional nature reserve you must visit! Here you walk across sand dunes between 300-year-old pines. In the 1100s, animals grazed here, but after centuries of intensive human land use, the landscape was opened up by the wind and formed today's sand dunes. The pine trees were planted to dampen the sea-close wind, and today the area feels a bit exotic.

Find here: Take the E22 off at Fågelmara, drive east towards Kristianopel and then follow the coast road north about 2 kilometres.



Did you know?

Although Kristianopel exudes charm, conviviality and is permeated with much culture and history, there is a state-of-the-art music studio where both Swedish and international artists create music together with Pama Records. So don't be surprised if you come across some super celebrity but, the best part is that everyone here can be themselves, blend in and just feel good. Welcome to idyllic Kristianopel!

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