Susanne Demåne in Edestad, Blekinge

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Blekinge's artists are excellent excursion destinations when you want to discover Blekinge. Invest in a work of art, something beautiful, maybe practical or just unusual to look at. At Susanne Demåne you will find fantastic wood sculptures, dreamlike oil paintings and captivating enamel. Susanne also has a beautiful garden, art hall, exhibit in leisure, café and exhibition in ceramics.

At the beginning of May, each Blekinge artists open their studios during the Konstrundan in Blekinge. Here you will find exhibitions all year round - Galleries and art exhibitions



9 colours

It is no coincidence that Blekinge offers a vibrant art and cultural life. Here, the desire for creativity and creative works with a background from both the sea and nature combined with history from a bygone era. Here are 9 colours that make an impression:

1. Susanne Demåne

Susanne Demåne is a must-visit. Susanne creates fantastic sculptures with her chainsaw. Dreamlike oil paintings with their brush, captivating enamel and beautiful ceramics. The interior of the old school in Edestad showcases Susanne Demånes multi-faceted artistry. She started filling it with life and her art when she moved there just over 20 years ago. Then she created her own artwork of the garden and the old schoolyard.

Susanne Demåne skapar konst i Blekigne


2. PLX Music & Art Festival

PLX is a music and art festival out on Tjärö in August every year where artists, musicians and entrepreneurs come to exchange ideas and collaborate. A new and modern version of the festival and co-working spaces.


3. Karin Meijer

Karin Meijer creates self-sprinkled ceramic goods that have a little extra. Karin has worked with public decoration, and her works stand out and creatively take place. Both the stoneware and the porcelain are eye-catching.

Keramikern Karin Meijer i Blekinge


4. SkärvaGård

Every summer season Skärva Gård has an exhibition with several different artists. The gallery is located right next to a beautiful nature reserve which reflects the experience and is well worth a visit. Besides, you have your own vegetarian shop that makes the taste buds dance.

Konst och kultur på Skärva Gård i Karlskrona, Blekinge


5. Martinssonska Gården

Martinssonska Gården shows sculptures and art by Johnny Martinsson. Here Johnny has collected his sculptures together with the works of his artist friends Oskar Wickström, Thure Wahlström and Per Serre. Here you will find modern art mixed with building history.


6. Kulturcentrum i Ronneby

The cultural centre in Ronneby is in Kockum's old enamel plant. Kulturcentrum is a hub and gathering place with one of southern Sweden's most extensive art galleries. Here you offer exhibitions of the international class year after year.

Konst och kultur, besök Kulturcentrum i Ronneby, Blekinge
Current event at Kulturcentrum i Ronneby


7. Lister Härads Tingshus

The Town Hall in Sölvesborg offers architectural memories of the acclaimed architect Gunnar Asplund. Here, and in connection with the house, you will find Sölvesborg's art association which regularly offers beautiful and visitor-friendly art. When renovating the Tingshuset, the artist Ludvig Ödman made a public decoration in the house that is well worth checking out.

Konst och kultur, Lister Härads Tingshus i Sölvesborg
Lister Härads Tingshus, Sölvesborg.


8. Malin Mena

Malin Mena and her studio glass cabin can be found in the closed old water tower just outside Nättraby. Just outside the door, Malin has a Japanese garden, and inside the brick wall, you will find glass art that entirely speaks of life.

Konst och kultur hos Malin Mena, Karlskrona, Blekinge


9. Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Karlskrona Lampfabrik has been owned by the Skantze family ever since its inception in 1884. Valdemar Skantze and his wife Katarina are the fifth generations. Manufacturing takes place with the same machines that were used when it was first started. Karlskrona Lampfabrik is like an industrial museum and yet so topical.

Karlskrona Lampfabrik i Blekinge


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