Öar och skärgård i Blekinge
Tjäröbåten i Blekinge

Islands & Archipelago

Explore Blekinge archipelago this summer. It is easy to experience using archipelago traffic or via bridges. There are many exciting places with archipelago villages, accommodation, cafes, restaurants and areas of interest to discover. The frequent and regular boat traffic makes you island-skip spontaneously, just like in Greece.

Skärgårdsbåten M/F Axel i Karlskrona, Blekinge
Hop-on Hop-off is an exciting way to discover Karlskrona's islands and archipelago.


Blekinge's archipelago

Island-jump with the archipelago traffic. From Karlskrona, you take the eastern archipelago, to the big islands and on the river to Nättraby. Karlshamn has its Kastell just outside the guest harbour, and further east is Tärnö and Tjärö. Hanö in the west is reached by boat from Nogersund's fishing village. During the summer, the archipelago traffic has plenty of destinations and tours daily. What makes Blekinge's archipelago so unique is that the islands are often leafy and deciduous. Here you can venture out and explore picturesque fishing villages, picnic on a sunny cliff or take a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Skärgårdspärlan Tjärö i Blekinge
The archipelago Tjärö with accommodation, restaurant and café.



Island-jump in Blekinge

Where do you want to start?


Karlskrona archipelago

Hop-on and Hop-off are a fun way to discover the naval city and the world heritage Karlskrona from the water. The boats stop at several jetty stops around Karlskrona with close proximity to sights, sights, good food and bathing places. Onboard the ships you can listen for guidance if you like.

Torhamn, Karlskrona
Torhamn, Karlskrona.


Ronneby archipelago

Only five minutes by Karöline from Ekenäs is the car-free Karön. The island is one of the largest in the Ronneby archipelago and here is a holiday village, restaurant and lovely beaches. The restaurant is one of Blekinge's oldest, and here you can eat well from the sea and local producers' pantry.

Karön, Ronneby
Karön, Ronneby


Karlshamn archipelago

From the archipelago terminal in Karlshamn's guest harbour, you can take M / F Vindskär to Tjärö and Tärnö - two favourite islands that offer good food, overnight accommodation and a lovely cliff-hanging with sun and bath. If it is sandy beaches that attract you to hop on board M / F Anemon in Matvik and take you to the small islands Östra Bokö or Folsö. Enjoy the waves hitting the beach, this is where you find the tranquillity.

Kastellet, Karlshamn
Kastellet, Karlshamn


Sölvesborg archipelago

In the archipelago of Sölvesborg, you can hop on M / F Vitaskär in Nogersund, and 25 minutes later you will be on beautiful Hanö. Once there, there is much to discover: the prayer bag, the Dragon brand, the English cemetery and of course, an endless view. Hanö is a popular excursion destination and known for its white lighthouse which lights 45 kilometres out over the Gulf of Hanö. Hanö gives you the passion for discovery.

Bönsäcken på Hanö
Bönsäcken at Hanö.


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