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There are 1,000 islands to discover in the Blekinge archipelago, and there are plenty of boat lines that lead to the absolute archipelago beads in Blekinge. All archipelago tours can be found at blekingetrafiken.se



Cycle, walk or drive ashore on the island of Aspö where about 500 inhabitants live all year round. It makes the island a bit extra exciting. At Aspö you can play golf and tennis, ride a ride on touring horses and visit a part of the world heritage site; Drottningskär's castle from the 17th century, which also houses a restaurant. At Aspö there is also a shop and several artists and galleries. If you rent a bike, you can head for winding roads to forests, pastures, bathing cliffs and beaches. Make the night unusual by staying high on Aspö Lotstorn, an archipelago hotel that has five small rooms in the tower, one on each floor.

Aspöfärjan i Blekinge

The yellow Aspö ferry departs from Handelshamnen in Karlskrona. The ferry route length is 6,700 meters and the crossing time is 25 minutes. The journey costs nothing.




In the fishing village, the houses are close, and the famous guest harbour penetrates sailboats from near and far. And it is here in the port that you will find a restaurant, a trade booth and a museum that is open in the summer. Hanö has a unique atmosphere - it notices about 40,000 visitors every year. It depends on the lively atmosphere of the harbour, the lovely baths and the island is both car and mosquito-free. It is also because the island was an English naval base during the Napoleonic wars and that there is an English cemetery here. But the main reason is probably all the sayings and the new nature.


A mythical island

Follow the paths to the forest, see the beaches and giant blocks. Examine deep corridors and dark caves. Check out the island's fallow deer or look for orchids. Check out the dragon mark after the big dragon that flew between Tärnö and Hanö and cut the 2-mile long journey with two wings. And fascinated by the " "Beanbag" - millions of oval stones that continuously move in the water. When you do not want adventure, you can sunbathe on stone slabs or take a picnic at the bathing area, fish, barbeque and birdcage. There are cottages and apartments for rent and a hostel that is open all year round.

Gästhamnen på Hanö

Park your car in Nogersunds harbour, east of Sölvesborg. Board the ferry M / S Vitaskär. The journey takes 25 minutes.




Karön is an island with a lot of nostalgia and traces of the spa resort that reached its peak in the 19th century. Then the sea bath and sailing excursions were part of the health course. Therefore, a cold bath house, restaurant and sumptuous summer villas were built on the Ronneby archipelago island of Karön. The cold bath house is no longer available, but the villas and restaurant from 1877 remain. Now you enjoy à la carte, shrimp frozen and music entertainment in the restaurant Schweizeriet. In the guest harbour, you can moor your own boat, there are 35 berths. On the car-free island of Karön, you can book a cabin, swim, fish, walk along the paths and cross over to the mainland (5 minutes) for a coffee break at Villa Vassen.

Ta Kallebåten till Karön i Blekinge

The boat over with the Kalle boat to Karön lays out from Karönäs. The trip over takes about 5 minutes and is free.





then? For Kastellet, 1675 was built on Frisholmen to protect against attacks from the sea. Strong walls, guns and many soldiers would stop the enemy from taking Karlshamn. Today, flowering lilac bushes and green lawns embed the harsh environment and form the backdrop for summer theatres. On the island, you can also follow guided tours, look for the hidden GPS treasure or look at art.

Kastellet utanför Karlshamn i Blekinge

Take the boat between Karlshamn - Kastellet this summer.





Tjärö is an idyll with small red houses, a old tractor that ships luggage, grazing animals and rock hills. The guest pier serves breakfast, lunch and à la carte, or the coffee break on freshly baked waffles and ice cream. Explore the island, swim, paddle, hike, swim out to the sauna river or grill right next to the water's edge. If you like fishing for pike or roach, there are several beautiful fishing spots to choose from, such as rocks, rocks and harbour. Remember to bring your own equipment only. You can also practice swim run along the marked path that runs along coves, nose and round holes. Great relaxed pay and swimming in a beautiful natural environment, who would you want to take with you on such a holiday trip? You can collect a swim-run map at the reception free of charge.

Gästbryggan på Tjärö i Blekinge

Take the Tjärö boat from the guest harbour in Järnavik or hop on one of the boats M / F Tuva or M / F Vindskär that goes from Karlshamn.





On the way out to Utklippan, it can feel like you are on a seal safari. Just outside this southeastern corner, there is a large seal colony. At the guest harbour at Utklippan, you can step ashore to check in at the island's hostel. Stroll around and see the beautiful island and lighthouse, or sit down in the pub. Here, food and drinks are served, perhaps even a barbecue buffet with live entertainment. Book your accommodation here - Utklippan

Utklippan i Blekinge

The boat to Utklippan is called M / F Sjöbussen and has room for 12 seated assistants. The ship departs from Blekingetrafiken's jetty in Handelshamnen, right next to Aspöfärjan in Karlskrona. If there are vacancies available, it is possible to buy a ticket in connection with departure. Make sure you book both returns and return, so you guarantee your place on the boat. Tickets, prices and timetable can be found here - Blekingetrafiken.


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