ARK56 Sweden

ARK56 Sweden

- a network of outdoor trails in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve

Do you love being in nature but want it to be smooth, safe and straightforward? Then you should try ARK56, a network of routes with 13 hubs where you can both start, finish and change modes. Along the trails, there are overnight opportunities and proximity to good food and experiences, gathered and easily accessible in the digital app ARK56. Download the app here - App Store or Google Play

ARK56 i Blekinge Arkipelag
Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.



What does it mean?


The network of joints passes through the Blekinge Arkipelag biosphere reserve and lies along the 56th latitude, hence the name ARK56. It is an unexploited nature in a beautiful and well-preserved cultural landscape. By the way, did you know that there are 686 biosphere reserves in the world and five in Sweden? It feels great that one of these is located in Blekinge, so bring a friend and come! Combining activities with nature's tranquillity is both relaxing and fun..

ARK56 - ett nätverk av leder i Blekinge Arkipelag
Well-signposted trails in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.



Plan your trip with the

Natur map ARK56

Want to plan your trip at home, in peace and quiet? Go to the planning tool Nature map, which is one of Sweden's best digital outdoor guides. Go directly to the section for ARK56 here - Nature map ARK56



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Find your own way along ARK56. Photo by @vidazubiele Place: Karlshamn, Blekinge #winterhike #outdoorlife
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ARK56 in winter is packed with nature experiences and some strong wind for the surfers. Photo by Robert Ekholm Place: Lindö Udde. #surfersparadise #sweden🇸🇪
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Taking a winter wonderland hike. Watch the frost and breath the fresh air. This cool picture was captured by @lindstroms.lund at Abboremåla, Ronneby. #sweden