En kort båttur till Tjärö i Blekinge

Bus-friendly Blekinge

- with experiences from west to east

In Blekinge, it is not far from anything. Our little county is only twelve miles long and four miles wide. The cities are like a pearl band along the coast at about 3 miles away; it can hardly be more come-and-be-health-friendly than that! But since there is so much to see and experience, it is still easy to miss something outstanding. And that's a shame. Here we give you four beautiful Blekinge tours with goodies for most tastes. And some other stops that just need to be mentioned. Experiences to share with a whole busload of new acquaintances, a dear friend or partner. Hopefully, you can catch more than one.



World Heritage Glimpses

- and well-being on the border

Bussresa till Blekinge - Världsarvsglimtar


Naval Museum

– the essence of world heritage

The naval city of Karlskrona is on UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List. You can easily spend a whole day visiting all the unique and fantastic environments. And there is so much to tell that it would need its own article. A visit to the Marine Museum is a good start and the right choice if you just have time to stop. Here you get the story of the development of the city, marine life through the ages and can board the submarine HMS Neptun. And we can almost promise that you will be captivated by the influential and beautiful galleon figures in the Galleon Hall. At the Marinmuseum you can both eat and drink with great views of the bay. The museum shop will find the memories you want to take home and the presents with a big "P".


Karlskrona Lamp Factory

One of the bestsellers in the recently mentioned museum shop is the table lamps from Karlskrona Lampfabrik. The factory, which was founded in 1884, is today run by the fifth generation of Skantze and has toured for booked companies. Take the opportunity to get a massive dose of industrial history and buy your ideal home with you.


Skärva herrgård

Seven kilometres outside Karlskrona, adjacent to the sea and wrapped in a nature reserve is a fabulous place - Skärva. Skärva mansion, which belongs to the world heritage, was erected in the late 18th century and has since been a meeting place. First for social parties and now for everyone with a taste for the beautiful and the beautiful. At Skärva, music and cultural events are arranged with great artists, seminars and other events. What happens when? Take a look at the events calendar at Music on Skärva and tick off what attracts you the most.



Up in the northeastern corner of the Blekinge Baltic Sea coast, between Kalmar and Karlskrona, you will find Kristianopel - a real little gem. When Blekinge was Danish, it was a fortified town, and the old Danish is clearly in the idyll with a ring wall, roses in crowds next to the charming street houses. In summer, the village is filled with summer residents, campers and boaters - and by others who appreciate the charm. Kristianopel's church, in a beautiful Nordic Renaissance style with staircase towers, was completed in 1624. The church has a rare right choir wall and is well worth a visit. If it is time for food, go the steps towards Kristianopel's Guest House. And when the stomach demands goodies, Sött & Salt is down at the guest harbour bridge. In the village, there are plenty of craftsmen, small shops and visitor gardens for those who are happy to buy something useful or beautiful with your home.


Beautiful coastal road

Beautiful views and good tastes will meet you if you take the Coastal Road between Karlskrona and Kristianopel. Orranäs Gårdsmejeri with its praised goat cheese, Olsäng's delicate asparagus and potatoes - these are two examples of "chopping" that you will not regret. In May, asparagus safaris are organized, and all businesses open the doors to curious and shopping-friendly visitors. At the bottom of the Torhamn cape is the bird sanctuary where many "spectators" control the cuddle, so bring your binoculars!




Tasty art breaks

Bussresa till Blekinge - Smakfulla pauser


Ronneby Brunnspark

There is something inevitable about stepping into a well-kept park. With greenery and floral splendour that is tame with great love and respect. Ronneby Wellness Park is one of the most beautiful in the country - an active and vibrant place with plenty of memories from the spa series - the beautiful villas, the pavilion with flea ice every summer Sunday and Naturum that gives you knowledge of Blekinge's flora and fauna. Relax, recharge and learn something new in one place.


Café Mandeltårtan 

When your body shouts "coffee break" or grunts something about lunch, you should listen, because in one of the park's wells there is a sheep and bakery whose pastries, food and charm you will not soon forget. Café Mandeltårtan is a must on a tour of the Ronneby district. End of discussion.



- in Gärestad village

Farm shop, restaurant and B&B - Äggaboden has a lot to offer in a truly idyllic setting. In the shop, you will find eggs (of course), big chicken and game meat, meat from outdoor pigs and archipelago grazing beef, salmon, herring and other food crafts and local specialities. You will also find the authentic and local on the menu in the restaurant. Thanks to the lovely atmosphere and a friendly attitude, you are both happy and satisfied.

Are you fond of game meat? There is even more of that item in the farm shop at Johannishu's estate. From the Lord's own fields, of course.


Susanne Demåne

– Edestad school

If you go east to Edestad, you will find another world - one that Susanne Demåne has created in the old school. What a planet then and what a woman! She can create art with a chainsaw and can get 600 kg horse to do exactly as she wants. Here you can spend many hours, strolling in the magical garden full of sculptures.  Often by other strong women. See more of Susanne's works inside the art hall and experience world-class peace activities. You can also get a coffee if the spirit falls on. We can almost promise that this is a visit that you will tell many - for a long time.


Bargains & Favorites

– shopping

Do you love beautiful things, or do you care most about being practical? You do not have to choose. The design shop Minta, a little outside Ronneby has a carefully selected range of products that make your home more comfortable. And in Ronneby Bruks Fabriksshop you can find cast iron pans and other quality products for kitchens and tables.

In between travel tips



6. Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Between Ronneby and Karlshamn, there is something exceptional… a bit of Africa in Blekinge. Eriksberg is in several ways in a class for himself; The largest safari park in the Nordic region, exclusive hotel and first-class restaurant. The animals are in the centre of Eriksberg where crown and pigeon game, vines, wild boar and moufflon sheep go free throughout the area. Go on a guided safari tour, eat fantastic food, shop for game meat and delicacies in the shop inside the yard. Outdoor Eriksberg is a new building, designed by Thomas Sandell and located outside the fence. There is an exhibition on vices and a shop that sells clothes and game products. Must be experienced, too!




Tastefully, wet & green

Bussresa till Blekinge - Grönt och gott


Mörrum's Kronolax Fishing

How many other Swedish cities in the size class 5000 inhabitants are world-famous? In Mörrum's case, it is the river and salmon fishing that have done the trick. In the Salmon House, you will find an exhibition that tells about the salmon's life and challenges, about Mörrumsån through the ages and the history of how the fish have grown so much. Fill up with energy in the Kronolaxen restaurant or maybe at the Mörrum River lodge where you can both sleep and eat, right next to the river. In Mörrum, even those who are not fishing enthusiasts can enjoy - take a walk along the river or settle down and just listen. The environment is fantastic, and the noise from the river is mindfulness in its most natural form.


Ljungsleds Garden Center

Here in the neighbourhood, there is also a commercial garden with extra everything ... or at least extra finesse, other good quality and commitment. At Ljungsled you will find inspiration for your own green spaces and windowsills. It is the latest and the most classic. It is green and floral. There are pots, details and everything else you need for a sparkling and beautiful home. And then you can have coffee. You want to do that in this tranquil environment.



Are you cold bathing? Karlshamn has since 2015 a cold bathhouse, superbly located in Väggaparken, between the centre and the fishing port. It is a charming building that has quickly become loved.  Both for its architecture and for the opportunity to swim and swim all year round. The boardwalk that starts (or ends) at the Expatriate Monument passes "Callis" before it winds its way towards Wägga Fish & Delicatessen where you can buy smoked goodies from the sea. The À la carte restaurant is open in the summer, so if you are a hard-boiled winter bather you have to lubricate the mug elsewhere, there are plenty of alternatives in the centre.



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Frida at Staxgård

Staxgård is located on the municipal border between Karlshamn and Sölvesborg, just outside Pukavik. There Frida lives with her family, a lot of sheep and some ostriches. Frida at Staxgård is a farm shop where you will find everything from boxes of lamb meat to sweets and gifts. Everything is close-knit and locally produced, most of it by Frida himself, and it is difficult to fairly describe the sausages, inlays, cookies and ice cream in words. Do you have Facebook or Instagram? Follow the store where you understand better and probably plan a visit as soon as possible. Yum!




Listerlandet has ”it”

A tour of the Sölvesborg area is much to know and experience. Listerlandet is a peninsula that is quite a dish for you who like to stroll around the village cores, walk along the beach, take a break in the harbour, take a dip - from a jetty or at a sandy beach. The cosy fishing villages Hällevik, Nogersund and Hörvik are similar to each other but also have their own character. Take the opportunity to feel it!

Bussresa till Blekinge - Listerlandet


Hälleviks Havsbad 

It doesn't get more summer idyllic than this. The classic guest house faces its sprinkled windows and its outdoor seating towards the beach, where on the other side the pine trees. The air smells of fur and of the sea. Music, rubbish and children playing. The former vacation home for SJ staff charms with both inside and outside. Tennis courts, accommodation, food and drinks. Havsbadet - "Panget" in the folk mouth - is one of the main scenes for the Hällevik Tradjazz Festival in August. A dot that week if you can and experience the magic of a spa hotel in New Orleans.


Hennings smokehouse & Dagmars

There is a long tradition of smoking fish in Listerlandet. At Henning's smokehouse, the Knutsson family has transformed fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring into all-smoked delicacies since the 1950s. Here you can buy goodies from the smoke and fresh fish and eat at restaurant Dagmars which of course has smoked fish on the menu, but not only that. Shellfish frozen, Buy beer and music events (yes, it is jazzed here too) - almost always something happens at Hennings and Dagmar's place.



Hällevik's Fish Museum

Like going into a large boathouse. Not many people fish for their daily bread anymore, but otherwise, it used to be. At the Hällevik Fish Museum, you get a glimpse of what life looked like for the fishing families and sailors in Listerlandet. Here you will find everything from boats to fishing gear, engines and equipment. And besides, a lot of the sounds heard in a fishing community in the past - it reinforces the impression.

One Saturday in July, cultural day is arranged in the sign of the old fishery - then it is as if the museum pours through the doors and takes over the whole village. The rope is tarred and yarn cleaned. It is fried herring to "herring mackerel" and spoken in Listerian as never before. It is a party!


Hörviks hamn

– food break mode

When you are in Listerlandet and get hungry, it is a good idea to drive towards Hörvik, whether it is lunch or a better dinner that heralds. Here you will find the summer open Fiskerian who understands what many want - tasty and simple food at an excellent price. Just a warning, their fried perch with mash is almost addictive. A stone's throw away is the Kajutan - the restaurant that spoils you with well-prepared food spiced with views of the harbour's boating and the horizon. Surely it is quiet to look at boats that come and go? A walk in the beautiful guest and leisure harbour, down the beach or cliffs, gives way to ice cream.




A short boat rides away

There are a thousand islands in the Blekinge archipelago. Some are large, many are small. Here we present four islands that are easy to get to and that offer comfortable adventures, lovely moments and a lot of history.

Bussresa till Blekinge - En kort båttur bort


There are around 40,000 visitors to Hanö every year. And it is easy to understand why Hanö is popular. The island is both cars- and mosquito-free and nature are exciting with its rocky outcrops, the pebble sauce with millions of oval stones, forest areas, the open fields… and the small village core down at the harbour. Here you will find a restaurant, hostel and trade booth and a museum where you will get Hanö's history as an English naval base and an insight into everyday life in the fishing village in the past. There are several myths and stories about Hanö - one about the giant woman who is said to have created the pebble sauce called Bönsäcken. Do you want to know more? Come and experience the magic of reality! Ferries depart from Nogersund and Karlshamn.




Welcome to the idyll! The noise of the village noise is excellent on the island with strange old houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, pastures and farms, deciduous trees and rocky outcrops. But everything is not antique - since a few years, you are met by a stylish modern building when you hop on the equally new jetty in the guest harbour. The restaurant / café / kiosk serves organic food with clean flavours, coffee and ice cream. The food is high class and lifts the overall experience Stanna overnight at Tjärö Hotell & Vandrarhem. To Tjärö you can take the boat from both Karlshamn and Järnavik.


In Karlskrona archipelago, there are lots of pearls, and the archipelago traffic takes you to many of them. Bicycle friendly Aspö is one of the bigger ones and here you will come by road ferry. There is around 500 year-round accommodation on the island that houses a part of the World Heritage - Drottningskärs Kastell. The fortification of the 17th century with its moat, thick walls, cannons and views of deep water is exciting to visit. A guided tour and a look at the historical exhibition will give you more meat on your legs. Speaking of meat - here is a restaurant as well and music entertainment every now and then. Do you want to stay overnight? Aspö Lotstorn has 5 rooms with magical views.


At Karön in the Ronneby archipelago, there are clear traces from the spa era when cold-water houses, restaurants and fancy summer villas were built for the health tourists. Are there still do the villas and the summer open charm knot Switzerland that has been in operation since 1877 - this makes the restaurant the Blekinge's oldest! And when you are measured, you can devote to beautiful-house-scouting, swimming and walking. Out to the island, you will in a few minutes by "Kallebåten" from Ekenäs, where you can eat well all year round at Villa Vassen.
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