Grandma's bakery

- Tea time and really good coffee in Nötabråne


Home baked

There is something special about swimming in a lake. Perhaps it is the light, the heat of the water or the feeling of being entirely enclosed by nature. Maybe all at the same time. In the little village of Nötabråne just north of Asarum, you can start with a magic bath in Mieån and continue with a coffee at Mormor's Bakery, where Aneta Zieglerová and her colleagues serve homemade cakes, deliciously delicious food and smoking black coffee.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Aneta Zieglerová works at Grandma's bakery.


Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Don't miss a bath in the nearby Mieån.

   - There is a lot to do today, says Aneta Zieglerová and rushes past a couple of jaws in one hand and one cup of coffee in the other.


Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Lovely homemade cakes.


Pleasant environment

Despite an enormous press of visitors, Aneta is always happy. Always this fantastic smile revealing that she enjoys work. Probably both in Nötabråne and with the guests at Mormor's Bakery. The year-round, Wednesday to Sunday, Mormor's Bakery is open from nine in the morning to eight in the evening.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Amazing surroundings in the old cottage from the 19th century.


Good prices

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for very affordable prices. Breakfast for thirty SEK, lunch for fifty SEK and dinner seventy SEK. In addition, they serve three, six and ten course menus during Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday nights between six and eight. Six dishes for SEK 198 and ten for SEK 298. 

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Cosy surrounding in the garden in Grandma's bakery.

- Our ambition is to offer a genuine Swedish family meal inspired by French fine dining culture with several small dishes after taste and season, says Danish Søren Ventegodt who, together with Paulina Kordova, runs Mormor's Bakery in beautiful Nötabråne.



In the vegetarian restaurant L'Artichaut (Swedish artichoke), you serve a special menu at particular times to suit the visitor, whether you choose a small or large meal. You can select a full list or single serving. The introduction starts at six o'clock and is followed by new servings every ten minutes. Among other things, asparagus, artichoke, lasagna, tomato soup, cheese and fruit are served before the evening's delicious dessert: homemade cake with ice cream.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Lovely surroundings in Nötabråne.

- We were utterly in love with this house and bought it already in 2014. Then it had been empty for ten years. The ambition is to offer good food, tasty cakes and delicious coffee under casual shapes indoors or in our large garden, "says Søren Ventegodt.


Exotic workplace

Thanks to the opportunity to work freely within the EU, young people from all over Europe have applied to the grandmother's bakery (Paulina has a lot of contacts in the home country of the Czech Republic), where Swedish nature is a reason why young people leave the continent to try their luck far into Scandinavia. Although it is often spoken English at Mormor's Bakery, one can, of course, understand in Swedish. At least as exotic as the mountain world is for youngsters from Blekinge, equally impressive are the deep forests for young people from Prague and Berlin.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Aneta Ziegleróva works at Grandma's bakery.


The pastries at Mormor's Bakery is home-made as far as possible, and the coffee is continuously freshly cooked. In summer, you can stay overnight in nice rooms overlooking the garden and take a walk in the gallery - Nötabråne Art Gallery - in one of the outbuildings.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

The children want the lush environment in the garden. In addition, there is a trampoline in the garden.



- This has to be one of the cosiest cafes I know, says Hilda (10) who loves the summery moments in the garden where the fragrances of woods, nature and lush evenings bombard the nose all the senses. Back by car (most comfortable to park at old school and walk over the road) we can not help taking another magic bath in Mieån.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Do not miss the bathing facilities in Mieån. In addition, it's only a few kilometres to Långasjönäs bathing place.


Blekinge trail

Once on the country back we meet two Danish hikers, following Blekinge trail in the direction of Karlskrona. "We have heard that there is a good cafe up here. Do you know where it is, ask one of the guys and look worried about the map. You see the house up there, but do not forget to take a bath in Mieån first, I hear myself say before I'm challenged by the son to swim over the river. Not a chance, says the Danish. Such places cannot be missed.

Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne, Blekinge

Aneta explains the way for some visiting guests.



Mormor's Bakery in Nötabråne, northeast of Asarum and Karlshamn. Nötabrånevägen 28, 374 91 Asarum, tel. 0762-477 160

GPS: N56°13´48” E14°52´04”.