stuga på Brokamåla gård

Unique & natural stay

In Olofström there is a large selection of nature-based accommodation with unique cottages with a base for those who want to enjoy free days near the lake and wilderness. How about spending a romantic weekend in a small charming cottage right next to a lake, or gathering the whole family for a joint summer vacation in a larger space like in the hostel at Halen's campsite. Here you will find a selection of unique accommodations in Olofström. Choose between comfort, price tag and distance to a lake. Welcome to discover Sweden's southernmost wilderness located in Olofström. A bonus is all the 372 lakes situated here.


Red cottages

In the rolling greenery of Olofström, Brokamåla Gård is nestled between 20 entire lakes. The environment is almost stereotypically beautiful, and here you live in classic pale red cottages, of course, accompanied by white knots. Some of the houses have hundreds of years on their necks, and it creaks as homely as it does in an ancient building. From the cottage, you have a view of the soothing nature and the water. Brokamåla Gård offers tranquil activities such as a sauna, a swim in wood-burning hot tubs and appreciated drink tastings. But the farm not only provides tranquillity but also several pulse raisers for those with a craving for action; a range of exciting fishing and hunting events, hiking, clay pigeon shooting and an adrenaline-filled adventure path for those who dared. The Black House is located in Björkefall, a little north in Olofström, near the border with Småland. The raven black house is one of the oldest in the area and is different from most other Swedish towns. Here you are comfortable living in a beautiful rural environment with lots of exciting excursion destinations within easy reach.

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