Historiskt i Blekinge


Kungsholms Fort i Karlskrona skärgård
Boka en guidad tur till Kungsholms fort i Karlskrona skärgård.



The World Heritage

- The Naval city of Karlskrona

It all started 300 years ago. The Great Power Sweden needs a powerful fleet and is looking for a protected location for a new naval base that can defend the Swedish territories. And some islands in the Blekinge archipelago fit perfectly. The best engineers, shipbuilders and architects are hired to follow KarlXI's will. Since knowledge and manpower are primarily derived from the other side of the Baltic Sea, this becomes a place where many languages are spoken. Soon an efficient shipyard and an imperial city will emerge. A city worthy of a king; Carl's crown. More than 300 later, the naval base is still in Karlskrona.

Visit the Naval Museum in Karlskrona to learn more about the World Heritage Site Karlskrona. You can also download the free app "World Heritage Karlskrona" and get a guided tour through the city's history.




Blekinge Museum

At the Blekinge Museum in Karlskrona, you can see several exhibitions with different themes. The Danish flagship Gribshunden, which went on the ground outside Stora Ekön in Ekösund in the Ronneby archipelago. Learn more about the Gribshunden's grinning monster and its sharp teeth. The "Treasures of Vång" show unusual finds such as golden figures, spectacular objects from religious rites, extensive European contacts and everyday life during the first decade after Christ.

"Exploring the World Heritage City Karlskrona" is a playful exhibition for children and adults. Here you will find out more about the city's surroundings through play, facts and historical voices and why it was named a World Heritage Site in 1998. Go exploring, solve mystery puzzles, challenge your friends on a stroll or explore the museum's playground with archipelago theme - Grevagrundet



Carlshamns Flaggpunsch

If you are interested in history and are in Karlshamn - then you have come to the right place. Here is Karlshamns Museum, in the middle of the city's vibrant cultural district. In the same neighbourhood is Karlshamn's puncsh museum, which is longed for this unique liquor that has become synonymous with the city.

Carlshamns Flaggpunsch
Bland kullersten och flaggpunsch på Karlshamns Punschmuseum.


Skottbergska Gården is a stone's throw from the museum. This place with cobbled courtyard is one of Sweden's best-preserved examples of a typical merchant's farm from the 18th century. The decor is in brilliant condition and brings the imagination to life. The creaky stairs upstairs, the kitchen with the big fireplace, what was it like to live here? How was a traveller for hundreds of years from smartphones? The guides tell you about the history of the farm. A story that goes hand in hand with the history of punch and Karlshamn in general.


Historical impressions

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