The figure Rosenbom outside Amiralitetskyrkan in Karlskrona, Blekinge



World heritage

The naval city of Karlskrona

It all started 300 years ago. The Great Power Sweden needs a powerful navy and is looking for a protected location for a new naval base that can defend the Swedish land areas. And some islands in the Blekinge archipelago fit perfectly. The best engineers, shipbuilders and architects are hired to follow KarlXI's will. Since knowledge and manpower are primarily derived from the other side of the Baltic Sea, this becomes a place where many languages are spoken. Soon an efficient shipyard and a royal city will emerge. A city worthy of a king; Carl's crown. More than 300 later, the naval base is still in Karlskrona. Visit the Naval Museum and learn more about the World Heritage Örlogsstaden Karlskrona. You can also download the free app "World Heritage Karlskrona" and get a guided tour through the city's history on your own.

Guidade turer i världsarvet Örlogsstaden Karlskrona i Blekinge
Repslagarbanan, Marinmuseum, Drottningskärs kastell, Trefaldighetskyrkan & Kungsholms Fort.


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and impressive architecture

Peek through bullet holes in mighty fortresses. Wander around church halls so beautiful that it is easy to lose your breath. Look at impressive architecture. You can also take advantage of centuries-old defence technology and shipbuilding. Every component of the world heritage, large and small, contributes to its history and its destiny. These are stories we are happy to share with us through the Naval Museum, Blekinge Museum, various events and a large selection of guided tours.

Befästningstornet Godnatt i Karlskrona
Fortification tower Godnatt in Karlskrona.


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Blekinge Museum

At Blekinge Museum there are historical experiences for the whole family! Go exploring in the exhibitions, have fun with the kids in the workshop area or take a tour that takes you to the 18th century. Out in the yard is the lovely Grevagrundet, a playground with archipelago inspiration.

Shipwrecks & gold treasures

Kallvattenkuren is located in the beautiful Brunnsparken in Ronneby. It is part of the Blekinge Museum with the exhibition of two world-unique finds from the area. Shipwreck Gribshunden and the treasures from Vång.

Blekinge museums utställningar, workshops och skattkammare
Blekinge Museum and Rosenholm.


Go for a walk of your own

 among Swedish classics

Visit the classic industrial building where the Karlskrona porcelain was manufactured between 1918-1968, it still remains today. Over 11,000 visitors come here every summer to experience Swedish industrial history, framed by period furniture and table linen. The collection was started by Margaretha Sjöberg in 1988 and today contains copies of most of the factory's production, from figures to hand-painted dishes. See complete tableware, porcelain from designers such as Hald and Skawonius, or view the exhibition.

On the same ticket, you will get admission to the Karlskrona Bilmuseum with gossips such as the Volvo P1900, Olof Palme's Saab and Gustav IV Adolf's Cadillac. It will be guaranteed a walk through memory lane.

Porslinsmuseum och Bilmuseum i Karlskrona, Blekinge
Porcelain and Car Museum in Karlskrona with fantastic collections.

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