Blekinge - a bathing paradise

And it's open all year round

Karlshamns Kallbad i skymningen. Foto: Markus Esselmark

Cold water swimming is trending


There’s a whole lot of people swimming all year round nowadays | Have you thought about that too? That it seems that the proportion of tough guys has increased by hundreds of percent. Some who bathe every day or week no matter the season or water temperature, some who decide on one bath a month. In the ocean or a lake that is! It's one thing when there is a sauna to warm up in close by, but the really hard-boiled winter swimmers say ”no thanks” to that type of cozy comfort, claiming it prevents the body's own heating system from kicking in. They go in the water wherever there’s a bathing ladder and warm themselves up merely by putting on a hat, a bathrobe and by enjoying a cup of coffee, That’s hardcore, for sure!

In Blekinge's wonderful waters, along the coast and by the lakes, there are great conditions and opportunities for both types of cold water swimmers to enjoy themselves and promote health. And if you belong to category who like to feel the cold, fresh air around the ears but immerse the better part of your body in a hot hot tub, we have that too.



This group of friends from Sölvesborg bathe together once a week, all year round. They belong to the hard-boiled crowd that says no thanks to the sauna" (Film by Pär Johansson).



JETTIES AND BATHING LADDERS | Where you see a jetty or a pier with a bathing ladder, you see an opportunity for cold dips. Be sure to choose a bay with a nice view so that you have something to rest your eyes on when you warm up with coffee and a cozy bathrobe. By the way, in Blekinge it is difficult to end up in a place by the water that doesn’t offer beautiful views. So just take the plunge, anywhere.



Karlshamn's open air bath house

A RARE BEAUTY - KARLSHAMN'S OPEN AIR BATH HOUSE | Although more and more people have acquired new bathing habits, there’s quite a distance between the open air bath houses in south-eastern Sweden. Karlshamns Kallbadhus is a real beauty that makes the dip a pleasant design experience. The facility was completed in 2015 after many years of non-profit efforts from the association Kallbadhusets vänner. It has an exciting and attention-grabbing shape, created by White Architects. Here you swim and bathe with incomparable panoramic views of Hanö Bay and the Baltic Sea from the location in Näsviken, on the promenade between the city center and Vägga fishing harbor. One section with a sauna/open bath for ladies, one for men and a lounge where everyone can meet up after the healthy dips. The entire bath house can be booked privately outside the opening hours and the public can access this lovely establishment with the help of a "tag".Read more and book.




Saunas by the sea

SAUNAS BY THE WATER | For those of us who feel the need for a suana after an icy dip, Blekinge offers several other locations. A really good choice at the western end of the county is Svettpärlan's sauna in the middle of Nogersund harbor. A well-maintained sauna run by the village's local community association. The beautiful island Tjärö is open for visitors between April and September, here you can rent the wood-fired sauna raft, row out to it with a small boat and enjoy the fresh water and warm sauna.

In the eastern parts of Blekinge you will find two sauna rafts that offer both sauna and wood-fired hot tub. Gather your friends and make the bath something extra with catering food. At Karlskrona Sauna Raft you bob about in the Karlskrona archipelago on the raft while you enjoy. Dragsö camping's sauna raft is located by a jetty but a great view, bathrobe and slippers are included in the price.

Choose between an icy cold dip in the sea or a steaming hot one on deck. The links will give you all the information you need.



Wood-fired hot tub

WOOD-FIRED HOT TUBS | For those of you who (just) want to keep a cool head, there are a number of lovely facilities with wood-fired hot tubs. There is something about taking a hot bath in a quiet environment, surrounded by nature, and you can do that at these two establishments in the Olofström area:

At Brokamåla Gård, wonderful moments in wood-fired hot tubs are just one of many delights. They offer e.g. housing, hunting, fishing and team building.Take a look here.

Thanks to Snärjeskogen's cozy barbecue hut, you can turn the bathing cosiness into an entire evening by adding a delicious dinner and a whiskey tasting to the tub experience. Read more about the hot tubs and the range here.

Welcome to the waters of Blekinge – ice cold and steaming hot!

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