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Islands & Archipelago

Explore Blekinge's archipelago this summer!

Here's a tip for you! Buy the "Summer Ticket" which allows you to travel freely throughout Blekinge, and island-jump as much as you want. The ticket is also valid for bus and train. It is a smart and flexible way to move freely, at your own pace. Read more and buy the ticket here - Blekingetrafiken

Fisktorget, ett nav för skärgårdstrafiken i Blekinge
Fisktorget is a hub for archipelago traffic in Karlskrona.



Islands in Blekinge

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Aspö, Hanö, Karön, Tjärö and Utklippan are all unique archipelago pearls in Blekinge, and perfect as places to visit for the whole family. Here you can try archipelago life with accommodation, food and beverage, activities and attractions. There are also regular and frequent boat trips that allow you to quickly get back to the mainland if you want.

On Aspö you can visit Drottningskär's castle, cycle around the island, visit a gallery and museum, try horse riding and spend the night in a Lotstorn. At Utklippan you can go on a seal safari, enjoy the sauna, visit the lighthouse, stay overnight, enjoy the good food and maybe a live performance.

Skärgårdsbåtarna i Blekinge
The archipelago in Blekinge has many islands to discover, lush greenery and activities at sea.


Tjärö is a real idyll with red cottages, free-grazing animals, a generous guest jetty, café and restaurant. Here you can book sailing camps for the kids, paddle, sunbathe on a sauna raft or rock, fish or try swimrun. On Hanö, a mythical island, you can experience everything from the magic forest, natural phenomena, caves, dragon mark, deer to beautiful bathing spots, charming guest harbour, nice views of Hanö Bay and good food in the restaurant Fisky Business Hanö Hamnkrog.

Tjärö i Blekinge
Tjärö, why not take the 15 minutes ferry for lunch at the idyll?



Travel tips

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1. Karlskrona

Discover the naval city and the world heritage Karlskrona from the water. The archipelago boats have several jetty stops around Karlskrona and there are many wonderful boat trips to choose from. Here are some tips:

All travel information can be found here - Karlskrona archipelago

Skärgårdstrafiken i Karlskrona, Blekinge
Hop-on Hop-off is an exciting way to discover the archipelago in Karlskrona.



2. Ronneby

Take the boat Karöline from Ekenäs to the car-free Karön. The island is one of the largest in the Ronneby archipelago. Here are cottages for rent, restaurant and beautiful beaches.

  • Aspan, Karön & Harön
  • Kustlinjen
  • Tjärö, 15 minutes from Järnavik (Tjärbåten is operated under its own auspices and is not covered by the "Summer ticket")

All travel information can be found here - Ronneby archipelago

Guö, Järnavik i Blekinge. En riktig skärgårdsidyll!
Guö in Ronneby archipelago.



3. Karlshamn

From the guest harbour in Karlshamn, you can take the M / F Vindskär to Tjärö and Tärnö. There are two islands that offer food, accommodation and a lovely cliff with sun and swimming. If you also want to swim at a sandy beach, you can hop onboard the M / F Anemon in Matvik and go to the small islands in Östra Bokö or Folsö. Here are more tips:

  • Eriksberg
  • Matvik
  • Kastellet, 5 minutes
  • Coastline

All travel information can be found here- Karlshamns archipelago

Kastellet, bara 5 minuter från Karlshamns centrum
Kastellet, only 5 minutes from Karlshamn's guest harbour.



4. Sölvesborg

In the Sölvesborg archipelago, you can take the M / F Vitaskär from Nogersund to Hanö. It is a boat trip that takes 25 minutes. On Hanö there is much to discover: the Bönsäcken (a natural phenomenon), the Dragon Mark, the English cemetery and an endless view. Hanö is a popular destination and known for its lighthouse which shines 45 kilometres out over Hanö Bay.

  • Hanö, 25 min

All travel information can be found here - Sölvesborgs archipelago

Naturfenomenet Bönsäcken på Hanö i Blekinge
The natural phenomenon Bönsäcken on Hanö.
Sights & guided tours

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