Avkopplande båtresa från Järnavik till Tjärö

A short boat ride away

There are a thousand islands in the Blekinge archipelago. Some are large, many are small. Here we present four islands that are easy to get to and that offer comfortable adventures, sweet moments and a lot of history.



There are around 40,000 visitors to Hanö every year. And it is easy to understand why Hanö is popular. The island is both cars- and mosquito-free and nature are exciting with its rocky outcrops, the esker with millions of oval stones, forest areas, the open fields… and the small village core down at the harbour. Here you will find a restaurant, hostel and trade booth and a museum where you will get Hanö's history as an English naval base and an insight into everyday life in the fishing village in the past. There are several myths and stories about Hanö - one about the giant woman who is said to have created the pebble sauce called Bönsäcken. Do you want to know more? Come and experience the magic of reality! Ferries depart from Nogersund and Karlshamn.




Welcome to the idyll! The noise of the village noise is excellent on the island with strange old houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, pastures and farms, deciduous trees and rocky outcrops. But everything is not antique - since a few years, you are met by a stylish modern building when you hop off the equally new jetty in the guest harbour. The restaurant / café / kiosk serves organic food with clean flavours, coffee and ice cream. The food is high class and lifts the overall experience. Stay overnight at Tjärö Hotell & Vandrarhem. To Tjärö you can take the boat from both Karlshamn and Järnavik.
Bussresa till Blekinge - En kort båttur bort


In Karlskrona archipelago, there are lots of pearls, and the archipelago traffic takes you to many of them. Bicycle friendly Aspö is one of the bigger and here you will come by road ferry. There is around 500 year-round accommodation on the island that houses a part of the World Heritage - Drottningskärs Kastell. The fortification of the 17th century with its moat, thick walls, cannons and views of deep water is exciting to visit. A guided tour and a look at the historical exhibition will give you more meat on your legs. Speaking of meat - here is a restaurant as well and music entertainment every now and then. Do you want to stay overnight? Aspö Lotstorn has 5 rooms with magical views.




At Karön in the Ronneby archipelago, there are clear traces from the spa resort when cold-water houses, restaurants and fancy summer villas were built for the health tourists. Are there still do the villas and sometimes the summer open charm knot Switzerland that has been in operation since 1877 - this makes the restaurant the oldest in Blekinge! And when you are measured, you can devote to beautiful-house-scouting, swimming and walking. Out to the island, you will in a few minutes by "Kallebåten" from Ekenäs, where you can eat well all year round at Villa Vassen.