Natha Yoga - Integral Yoga for all of you

Properly practiced, yoga is much more than just physical exercise. It helps people to develop mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual qualities and develops people in more ways than the eyes can see.


Natha Yoga has a scientific approach to yoga and transformation
The course curriculum refers to research and studies from the fields of biology, anatomy, psychology, neuroscience and physics (mechanics, electromagnetic, quantum physics).
You do not have to "believe" in anything - Chakran, Nadis, Prana, energy flows or anything else presented.

Natha invites you to simply be open to the possibility that they exist, and experience them for yourself in yoga practice. Natha's yoga teacher will guide you to perform each technique correctly, so you can experience the effects for yourself.
In this way, you can personally confirm each aspect presented through your own direct experience.

200 SEK

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