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  • Karlskrona
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Mumma for the 60s and 70s when Lasse Åberg, 80, and his Electric Banana Band with Janne Schaffer in the lead celebrate 40 years - with a new mastodon tour all over Sweden!


On December 4th next year they will visit Karlskrona and Blekinge.

The premiere is set for October 3rd, and until mid-December, a full 44 plays of the musical variant of the classic children's program that began airing in '76 will be completed.

Guitarist Janne Schaffer, who wrote the music, also thinks that the classic children's program is still relevant today.

- This is a musical I am very proud of where several of our most famous hits are included, but also some specially written songs for the musical.

- The topic of the musical is also up-to-date because it is about saving the rain forest from being degraded for the sake of the climate. My environment and climate commitment started as early as '66 when I wrote my student paper on Rachel Carson's environmental book "Quiet spring", so the subject is warm to me, says Janne Schaffer

Who will play the roles of Trazan & Banarne we will know at the beginning of next year when the entire ensemble is presented.

Tickets will be released on Thursday, December 5th.
The tickets are sold at Karlskrona Tourist Office and online via, the link is down below.

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