Live music at Smoke BBQ - Thomas Di Leva

  • Karlskrona
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Thomas Di Leva puts into words what we all know but may not be able to explain. Recently, he has taken his critically acclaimed David Bowie tribute "Changes" out into the country.


A fascinating concert in time and space where the audience can enjoy Bowie's biggest hits, interpreted and arranged by Di Leva. With 22 albums and hundreds of TV appearances constantly as current and always in motion.

After over 30 years of touring for crowded salons and festivals, the once so "odd bird" now feels like a matter of course in everyone's hearts. So it is with great joy and anticipation that we present Thomas Di Leva's enchanting song and legendary artistry.

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On Thursday 18 August, Thomas Di Leva will take the stage in the courtyard. Welcome!

Price: 395 SEK
Date: August 18th
The music starts: 9 P.M.
Open from: 5 P.M.

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