Lecture: The Epidemic's Karlskrona

  • på Marinmuseum
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Over the centuries, Karlskrona has suffered from several severe epidemics, resulting in deaths, mass graves and emergency crisis management. How have devastating epidemics like plague, cholera and relapsing fever characterized the city? In what ways did the health care for the poor and rich, civil and military differ?


Matilda Skoglöw is a political scientist and journalist and has been running the walks around Karlskronas city since 2017. She arranges guided tours on Trossö with the aim of drawing attention to parts of the city's history that were either hidden or forgotten. New for this year is the "Epidemic's Karlskrona" - a city walk in the footsteps of peoples and medical arts.

The lecture is done in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.
Warm welcome!

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