Killebom - a festival in the city of Sölvesborg

Be in Sölvesborg between 3-7/7 to experience Killebom, a festival in the city of Sölvesborg. The festival got something for everybody, like a medieval market, ponys to ride, carousels, beautiful art and famous artists. Of course there will be food and flavors from all over the world.
And best of all, almost everything is for free!


The inhabitants of Sölvesborg would say that Killebom is the best time of the year. All the visitors make the city come alive and you can hear music wherever you are. There´s a lot of things to do at the festival. For example, you can visit the medieval market or ride the carousels, watch beautiful art and hang out by the area of local flavors where you can buy local food and local drinks. You can also dance and sing along to the music by well known artists or laugh at the comedian´s jokes. See you at Killebom!

You can read more about the festival at:

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