Kayaking in the archipelago of Karlskrona and grilled food at dusk

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End the day with a cruise between islands in the archipelago of Karlskrona in a seakyak, and and enjoy grilled food at dusk .


The tour begins with a short briefing where we will paddle depending on weather and winds. You will then get a sea kayak that we fit and launch into the sea. With the tour we have food and refreshments for a short stop at one of the islands in the archipelago of Karlskrona .

After about 1.5 hour of paddling , we go ashore on one of the islands in the archipelago where we were then enjoying a simple grilled dinner , as we help each other to prepare for the grill.

What is included:
- Sea kayak with paddle, life jacket and accessories.
- Management of the tour
- Easier grilled dinner on an island in the archipelago.
- Photo with which you receive pictures by email after the tour.

What should you bring with you :
- Clothing for the current weather for the day and tour.
- Dry change of clothes packed in sealed plastic bag .

Prerequisites .
- You must be able to swim , normal physical condition and have tried kayaking at some earlier stage .

Change of tour.
If it blows strongly , we can not carry out the activity . You are then offered to do the activity at another time .

Promoter of the activity is Utveckling o Äventyr.
Additional info about the event and contact information is available under www.utvecklingoaventyr.se

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