Guided Tour - Karlskrona Lamp factory

An unique tour inside of Karlskrona's Lamp factory, where history and the modern production comes together.


"Lantern posts, torpedoes and Sweden's first kerosene lamps. Since 1884, the Skantzes Lamp factory family is part of Karlskrona. Machines with centuries-old ancestry are still used and brass lamps are sought after for both home and public. But how does the production actually hide in Karlskrona Lamp factory´s history?

In collaboration with Karlskrona Lampfabrik, City Walks Karlskrona now presents a unique opportunity: guided tours inside the Lamp factory.
Six Saturdays in the fall of 2019, the public is invited to events where the story of Karlskrona Lampfabrik is mixed with a presentation of today's production.

Price: 150 SEK / adult
Coffee is included in the ticket price.
Maximum number of participants per date: 20

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