Guided tour - Among eel fishermen, beach riders and ordinary people

Join on an unlikely hike through idyllic Kristianopel. Eel fishermen, beach riders and ordinary people are waiting for you.


You get a unique guided tour. A knowledgeable and committed guide highlights exciting stories from Kristianopel's incomparable history with eel fishermen, the mythical Sargasso Sea and beach riders who were the border guards of ancient times. Listen to stories about beach riders, the bathhouse company, the rare cherry wine and about the schoolgirl who in 1893 had to choose between celibacy or parting. Kristianopel carries several hundred-year-old stories. Some contain only grains of truth and in other cases reality surpasses the poem.

Time required: 1 hour. The hike is easy and we go at a slow pace.
Price: SEK 150. Children 2-12 years SEK 20 paid on site. Max 1 child / adult.

The tour will be held in Swedish.

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