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Try glassblowing. Along with crafters Malin Mena you will get to try what it is to blow and create in glass engraving and sculpting.


This course is held during Thursdays in June, July and August. Along with glass artist Malin Mena you will be in the center. You can test how it's blowing and creating in glass engraving and sculpting. It is a unique course where creativity interspersed with exciting glass history. When the day is over, you have created your own paperweight glass that you can collect the following day.

When you step inside the glass tower is the idea that you'll have a kick of color and form. Do you go the squiggly path straight up in Nättrabys old oak hill puts you in a world where the fire glow, heat, and passion are strong keywords. Up here, meet the four elements: wind, water, sand and fire in an almost enchanted world.

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