Evening tale: Horror and superstition? About the usage and traditions among sailors

Man has always practiced different rites and customs; some are associated with solemn celebrations during the year while others have been more mundane. Not infrequently the everyday rites have been aimed at bringing good luck and preventing misery. Some call it superstition, folk belief or maybe even sort of magic, but in a time other than ours it was obvious and not at least for past sailors.


As important as it was not to whistle aboard a ship, it was just as important to place an offering coin under its mast; everything to keep up with the creatures believed to prevail in and around the ocean.

You will hear about this and more during a storytelling evening at the Marine Museum. Some items that are not usually shown in our collections will be visible.

Lecturer: Jessica Lindström

Collection at the Information Desk
Maximum number of 30 people

Free entrance.


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