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Combined dance performance and dance lecture in Lokstallarna.


Come as an audience and leave as a creator and actor. Choreographer Fabio Liberti wants you to be a part of the creation when a work for two dancers emerges on stage. In a combined interactive lecture and performance you get a unique experience of how the creative process of making a dance performance looks.

Concept and choreography: Fabio Liberti
Starring: Rina Trostyanetskaya & Jernej Bizjak

Date/time: 14 November at 19:00 (90 minutes)

Buy tickets via event link below, at Lundin's bookstore, Stora Coop Karlshamn and Karlshamn's Tourist Center. Remaining tickets are sold at Lokstallarna from 18:00 on November 14.

Price: 240 SEK/adults, 190 SEK/seniors and 90 SEK/students and children

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