Dance - Näss

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A mix of hip hop, contemporary dance, North African traditions and new circus.


Fouad Boussouf, choreographer, dancer and founder of Cie Massala lets the counterpoles traditionally and modernly interact in the dance show "Näss". With one foot in Morocco and the other in Paris, Cie Massala borrows expressions from styles such as hip-hop, contemporary dance and new circus.
When Moroccan folk dances meet, play and become one with the Paris suburban hip hop - then you get a fusion of the energies and bodies of the seven dancers. With high technical skill, they let us see the power and conflict of coming together.

Concept, choreography and dance: Cie Massala / Fouad Boussouf

Date/Time: October 5 at 19:00
Place: Lokstallarna

Buy tickets via link below, at Lundin's bookstore, Stora Coop Karlshamn or Karlshamns Tourist Center.
Remaining tickets are sold at Lokstallarna from 15:00 on October 5.
Price: 240 SEK/adults, 190 SEK/seniors and 90 SEK/students and children

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