CANCELLED - World Championships in Fly Casting 2020

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PLEASE OBSERVE! This event is cancelled due to the coronavirus.


The best competitors in the world in fly casting will take part in Karlshamn. World Championships in Fly Casting 2020 will be held in south of Sweden, in the city Karlshamn.

On August 25-30, the Swedish Casting Federation will be organizing on behalf of the International Casting Sports Federation, World Cup in Fly Casting in Karlshamn, Blekinge, with participants from all over the world.
The competitions that will take place at Elleholm's bathing area (about 10 km west of Karlshamn) and in Näsviken in the southern part of Karlshamn start on Wednesday, August 26, until Saturday, August 29.
The competitions will be in one precision branch and three distance branches, spey, trout, seatrout and salmon trout. At the last World Cup held in England 2018, over 120 throwers from 20 nations participated, and Sweden won three golds, one silver and five bronze medals.
Program, qualification and finals
• The races start on Wednesday, August 26 with two Spey branches at Elleholm's swimming area.
• 27th and 28th of August - qualifiers in the remaining four branches in Näsviken in the southern part of Karlshamn.
• Saturday, August 29 - the final in Thursday and Friday branches and the closing banquet for all participants in the evening.

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