Bollspelsgolf - The new ballgame

Bring ballgames to a new dimension! Challenge your friends, colleagues or your family!


The game is offering a challenge where you need a combination of balance, skills and a little bit of luck to succeed. You can play for fun or have serious competitions.
Are you a star when it comes to miniature golf? Can you keep the score if we through in one, two, tree or eleven other balls in the game? To play Bollspelsgolf you don’t need any pre knowledge or special equipment.
Bollspelsgolf is a new entertainment built up as a mixture of miniature golf, football golf and ballgames. It’s 13 challenges where each challenge is inspired of a new ballgame, for example handball, basketball, football and boule. You work your way through the challengers and collect points from every challenge. In every challenge you need to master a new ball. We recommend a minimum age of 7 years.

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