Archipelago kayak in Järnavik # ARK56

Paddle in a network of trails. Discover the wilderness from the inside. Filled with the tranquillity of nature, in the middle of the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.


This kayak package is a true self-guided adventure for five days starting at the Paddle Company in Järnavik, strategically located in the middle of Blekinge.

- Transport back to the starting point
- Everything is practically included: kayaking equipment, camping & cooking equipment
- Flexible pick-up (facilitates when you want to adapt your trip to prevailing weather conditions)

- Own sleeping bag
- Mat
- Personal belongings

Depending on the paddle experience, you can choose between single or double kayaking. Want to try the adventure with a guide? Contact the Paddle Company in Järnavik for an event with a 2-day guided tour.

You paddle in a leafy archipelago which is also Sweden's southernmost and northern Europe's closest archipelago. The archipelago has a number of islands and bays that are excellent for canoeing. The islands are close to each other with no fairways for larger boats.

The paddling conditions are relatively simple and without tides.

ARK56 offers a rich animal and plant life where you have the opportunity to target both seal and sea eagle. You will soon be far from civilization, completely surrounded by water and wilderness. Find the perfect spot, set up your tent and make the island your own for the night.

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