Dance - Ecstatic Sundays

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Come home to your heart through the healing power of conscious movement & dance.


What is Ecstatic Dance?

This dance is a celebration of all it is to be human in all our mysteriousness, to feel the sheer joy, ecstasy and bliss that resides within us. Find solace in our own skin, what we feel like inside.

To dance ecstatically is to be moved by spirit. It’s an allowing source of energy to move our body. It’s a surrender of our will and ego. It’s a lot more than just letting go and having a good time. It’s a cosmic experience of awakening.

To dance is from the ego
To BE danced is to surrender our ego
To BECOME the dance is to experience our own divinity

Ecstatic Dance is an embodied movement practice, a free form flowing dance and moving meditation. Connect to yourself to create authentic connections with others.

Price: 120 SEK

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